A TV Show For Entrepreneurs

cheers_cliff.jpgMotivation is a key to success in entrepreneurship. More often than not, entrepreneurs need to take care of things themselves. Keeping motivated is crucial to success when faced with such overwhelming responsibility.
Personally, I get inspired by listening to and learning about successful entrepreneurs. Its why I love learning about new entrepreneurs and ideas at sites like Springwise. It is why I am undertaking this research on entrepreneurs themselves.

Recently, I came across a show on the travel channel called John Ratzenberger’s: Made in America. Yes it is the guy from Cheers and yes there is a labor union/economic nationalism element to it. However, each episode offers three profiles of great firms — including the history of their founding and a tour of their facilities. While many of the firms are now global behemoths (ie recent profiles of Caterpillar and Medtronic), the stories are fascinating and inspiring and often times there are lessons to be learned from their creation and early development. The Weber Grill, for example, was created by a welder who was making buoys.

Set your tivos for a little entrepreneurial inspiration. Here is the schedule.


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