MBAs (& everyone else) Need Caffeine — Babson

buzz10.jpgA few months ago I was eating lunch with an entrepreneur/friend and he told me his friend just bought a small candy company in Colorado. A short discussion ensued and we decided that energy candy or caffeinated candy would be a good product. Think of all the energy drinks out there, starbucks and other coffee shops, etc. I even remember a product called Water Joe.

Well, last week, while watching the Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, I met Jason Kensey — the founder of Vroom Foods. Vroom makes caffeinated candies (Buzz Bites) and mints (Foosh Mints). Jason came up with the idea while working late nights as an MBA student at Babson College. He wasn’t a big coffee drinker and needed a more effective means of getting his caffeine. Vroom was born.

BTW, it turns out that Water Joe was also created by a campus entrepreneur, this one @ Arizona State University.


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