Zino Society Business Plan Competition

I am just learning about this competition, the Zino Zillionaire Investment Forum, but it appears pretty unique. Put on by a group of angel investors with a spin (they are based out of seattle). 28 companies will enter their competition and the $150,000 will be awarded in three categories. According to their site,

Zino is a premier membership, business and social network that connects accredited investors with entrepreneurs seeking funding. ZINO Society cultivates camaraderie in the world of wine and business with extraordinary people and experiences, crafting insider events, access to vintners, chefs and unique venues.

With more than 225 active members, ZINO Society is not your traditional angel investment group. ZINO Society’s unique investment meetings and social events provide entrepreneurs an opportunity to showcase their businesses, and investors and business leaders a chance to a network and invest in a relaxed and supportive environment.

If their site is to be believed, this is not your run of the mill business plan competition. Anyone know anything about this one?


6 thoughts on “Zino Society Business Plan Competition

  1. Yes, it is real. We are currently seeking early stage or companies looking for expansion capital to participate in an all-day angel investment forum at the Fairmont Hotel in Seattle on Sept. 11th.

    We look at all types of investment opportunities and have a screening board that will select the 28 presenters who will each receive in-depth coaching and will have 5 minutes to present with powerpoint. The 28 presenters, not only will have the chance to present to a room of around 200-250 angels, venture capital and accredited investors, they will be competing for 6 10-minute finalist presentation slots in the afternoon. The 6 finalists will be competing for the $150,000 investment fund prize; $50,000 to best technology investment opportunity, $50,000 to best non-tech investment and $50,000 to best overall investment opportunity.

    Announcement of winners will be made that afternoon in a wine tasting following the end of the presentations. Applications are being accepted until July 31. Presenters will be featured in the Puget Sound Business JOurnal on Sept. 7.

    Hope you will join us.
    Cathi Hatch
    Founder & CEO
    ZINO Society

  2. Thanks for the information. Cathi, are their eligibility requirements to this competition? Do the entrepreneurs need to be from the Northwest? Do they need to be at a certain phase (less than a certain revenue or funds raised, etc…)?

    thanks for checking in with us and feel free to share information as the process moves forward?

  3. I was fortunate enough to be one of the selected final 28 presenters with my start-up concept for my 3rd start-up – PeoplePawn Financial Services.

    Being located in Seattle and having attended and presented at a number of the premiere angel groups in the NW, I can attest that the Zino Society is the real deal, and their 2nd Annual Zino Zillionaire Investment Forum was the best event I have presented at this year. Professionally organized and executed with flair and attention to detail, this event is a “must” for all serious start-up’s. It is not for the weak hearted….the Zino pre-screeninging and pre-qualification process is one of the toughest I have experienced. Their coaching sessions and expertize are world class. Go http://www.ZinoSociety.com….your team rocks.

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