Singles Biz is Big Biz

Just came across this cnnMoney feature that listed the places with the most singles. Of the top 25 almost all are college towns. Fairly obvious right… this is where are the amenities come in — bars, gyms, music clubs, restaurants, open green spaces, fraternities/sororities, etc… So there is big money in this mating market?.. How then to exploit? One backwards way to look at it is that it is hard to be married in these places… Are there products and services that married/families are in need of that have been overlooked b/c of all the single?

Here are the top 5 cities with the highest percentage of singles….

  1. State College, PA
  2. Durham, NC
  3. Amherst Center, MA
  4. Storrs, CT
  5. Oxford, OH

BTW, here is the singles map Richard Florida put up a while back….



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