Arab Technology Competition — Intel, ASTF

Of course it will take place in Dubai (man is that place hot!) The Arab Science and Technology Foundation and Intel are putting on their second competition. Check out the story (pretty cool sounding winners last year). BTW, this competition is connected to the Intel UC Berkeley Technology Entrepreneurship Challenge.

Here is a snippet:

To participate in the competition, teams have to submit their executive summaries to The qualified teams will be announced and asked to submit their draft business plans for the second round, and submit their final business plans at the third round. For further information on the competition, interested Arab entrepreneurs can visit the competition website ( ).

In the first competition, held in Kuwait, the first prize went to Astroleap, which had submitted a business plan to stream location sensitive data to mobile devices. Astroleap’s content will allow users to download and redeem coupons and promotions, check for friends in near proximity while traveling and dispatch emails and invitations. Astroleap was awarded an investment of US$ 50,000 in their business plan. WadiMobile UAE secured the second place with its mobile applications platform, while Hakaya Technology’s concept for new software development tools gave them the last spot in the winner’s circle.

In the 2006 universities competition held in UAE, Kindisoft, A Jordanian team from Princess Sumaya University for Technology, was awarded the first prize through introducing a unique and powerful Adobe Flash reverse-engineering protection solution. The product aims to protect the intellectual property of more than 2 million flash developers suffering from code theft since 1998.

Anyone out there going to try it out? Love to hear about it.


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