Someone Sees An Opportunity on Campus

Saw this article in the Wall Street Journal about Zipcar and Flexcar, the car sharing services, and their moves to make their service available to students on campuses. This situation seems to be a win, win, win (students, schools, and companies). What other ways are student’s under served? From the piece,

Both companies are also lowering their age requirement at many universities to just 18, making cars available to most of the student body. “It’s underserved,” says Mark Norman, chief executive of Flexcar. The companies also hope to cement students’ loyalty while they are in college — and then keep them as customers after graduation.

Universities are adding the programs in the hopes they will help reduce the number of privately owned cars — and ease the resulting parking crunch — on campus. Schools are also using the programs to allow them to reduce their own fleets of cars. Some also tout their possible environmental impact, since the car-sharing companies offer hybrids and could theoretically reduce emissions by taking some cars off the road.

For Mike Karp, a senior at Columbia University, Zipcar has been ideal for his big grocery store runs — he prefers buying in bulk at Costco — and for collecting relatives at the airport. He left his five-year-old Mazda Protégé back home in Palo Alto, Calif. “It just seemed like a great idea in New York because there’s no chance I’m going to have a car there, ever,” he says. “Ten bucks an hour is not exactly cheap, but it’s certainly cheaper than having a car in New York.”



One thought on “Someone Sees An Opportunity on Campus

  1. As an alumnus of Washington University, and GM of Flexcar Atlanta, I know that we’ve spoken to Wash U about launching Flexcar on campus.. I think it’s definitely a WIN-WIN-WIN! I remember having to use my bike to get around campus and run over to the Loop on the weekends… and then bum rides from friends occasionally.. or trek off campus to go and borrow my father’s car.


    I’ve launched Flexcar here in Atlanta at both Georgia Tech and Emory University…
    Let’s launch Flexcar at Wash U, my alma mater!

    Let me know how I can help..
    Feel free to call our Atlanta office at 404.817.3599.
    Thanks, Liz

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