Beer Pong Industry Growing

I have been following the ‘micro’ industry of beer pong since reading about two University of Maryland entrepreneurs who started a Beer Pong League ( a few years ago. Now the Wall Street Journal (sub required) has written a page 1 story profiling some of the campus entrepreneurs of the beer pong industry. From the story by Shelly Banjo…

Sick of cleaning sticky floors after bouts of beer pong, a popular campus drinking game, recent Northwestern University graduates Andy Wright and Mike Johnson put their engineering degrees to use. They devised a triangular rubber mat that helps keep plastic cups of beer from toppling over.

Then they started marketing the mats through their online company, Bottle Cap Technologies, for $9.99. They say they have sold more than 100 since April and are negotiating to sell 1,000 in one swoop to an online store called “Now, you don’t have to clean up the mess and you don’t waste beer,” says Mr. Johnson.


4 thoughts on “Beer Pong Industry Growing

  1. tinuke

    That is cool, my favourite student entrepreneur is the English student who set up the website of squares and charged companies to advertise, per square on the blank page. He made over £100,000 in the first month or so and was able to pay his tuition fees and more!

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  3. Beer Pong has been front page news for awhile. Also been on the front page of the NYTimes and is going to be segmented on Fox News next week. Heres another article on beer pong…

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