Fashionable/Functional Bags for Diabetics — Montana State U

As a diabetic, Sarah Greenshields lamented the lack of fashionable, functional bags in which to carry her insulin and other medical supplies. As a Montana State University business student and budding entrepreneur, she decided to do something about it. The result is Genre & Mode, a Bozeman-based company with a line of products for diabetics that Sarah and her husband, Dave, a media and theatre arts film student, have created. They plan to launch the company next year.”

Genre & Mode received a boost last spring when Sarah and Dave entered the company’s business plan in a competition held in Missoula. Sarah learned about the competition through one of her business classes. Dave, 26, who is originally from Scotland, put his skills as a film student to use by creating several videos and pictures to use in the business’ presentation.

After presenting their plan in front of a crowd of approximately 300 people and answering questions from audience members and a panel of venture capitalists and investors, the couple won several awards, including first place for the top undergraduate business plan, second place in the high growth potential division and the people’s choice award. The Greenshields’ received $8,500 in prize money for their efforts, which they will use to help fund Genre & Mode.”

For the full piece.


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