More on Beer and Entrepreneurship

A few weeks back we posted on the growth of the beer pong industry. The DailySlop has a link to an story on the craft beer industry. Have craft beers made inroads on campus or do we think it is too expensive? Perhaps Grad students are the target market or really wealthy campii such as GW here in DC? How about a low cost craft/micro brew that goes for the college market?

From the piece,

It’s taken a certain amount of time for people to discover better beer and what better beer is all about,” says Brock Wagner, founder of Saint Arnold Brewing Company, the oldest craft brewery in Texas.

According to the Brewers Association, there are more than 1,400 craft brewers in the U.S., including microbreweries. Craft beer industry sales have increased nearly 31 percent over the last three years, outpacing beer, wine and spirits in supermarket sales.

People’s perceptions about what beer is has changed,” adds Wagner, whose company has grown an average of 20 percent annually. “People no longer think of beer as just a light, yellow, fizzy drink that you choose which brand you drink based on who had the goofier commercial or the girls with the smaller bikinis on.”

Younger consumers have embraced craft brew not for its marketing tactics, but for what it represents.

There’s a cultural phenomenon of people wanting better product across the board in food and beverage. They want to know what the ingredients are, the fat content, if it’s a regional product, etc.,” says Don Sullivan, owner of Southampton Brewery, a microbrewery in Southampton, New York, that’s more than doubled its sales of craft beer this year. “I think crafts have done a terrific job of putting forth the message that fresh beer is synonymous with quality beer.”

Sounds like there are a lot of opportunities here for smart campus entrepreneurs.


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