Bob Marley, Music, and Entrepreneurship

53281_lg1.jpgThe first startup I ever worked for was — an online music hub that managed 4 music sites, including &

We were based out of Chicago and when I left business school and joined in ’99, we were just filing our IPO. Wall Street couldn’t get enough “B to C” and music was hot that summer. (Napster was just ramping up and that, along with day trading, was how a lot of our time was spent). I was working on digital downloads and e-commerce and it was summer in Chicago (there is no better summer city in America).

Also, Britney was young and fresh — the RS cover in this post was blown up and on the wall in the conference room. The Internet in 99  was an incredibly fun and crazy industry to be part of.

One of the pieces of swag we used to give away was a t-shirt with our brands on it and on the back was the following Bob Marley quote, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.

That is how I typically feel when I am working on a new business. I can put up with a lotta crap as the opportunity is out there and action is being taken to go get it. Everything from bad office space, lack of procedures, building accounting systems, etc.

One good thing about a great market opp, when it hits you, you feel no pain. This is true, if you believe in the market you are going after, you will have the ability to put up with a lot of small stuff — which is part of building a new venture

So as you consider the market opp ahead of you, ask your self to consider, is this a fleeting opp (like the Wall Street IPO opp that I chased with and another .com business I joined after or is this a market that is sustainable and will keep my interest as I put up with the grind of building a new business?


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