Trade Student Debt for Charity Work

Here is a great opportunity (via UK company Do Good 4 Debt is intended to allow university grads to clear away some of their debt via community service. Debt ridden students (HUGE MARKET IN VARIOUS CRISES — MEANS OPP) can be hired by corporations to do community service on their behalf. BTW, this company is very new and is currently operating only in the UK, in fact, it has not officially launched. This could be huge in the US.

From Springwise,

The premise is simple: debt-burdened students are matched with companies interested in sponsoring them to do charity work. They then choose from among a few different participating charities to work for over a period of up to 6 months following graduation. At the completion of each set milestone during the assignment, the student’s corporate sponsor pays off a chunk of the outstanding debt.

The site was founded by recent graduate Ian Wallace, who finished his law studies with GBP 14,000 in debt. While working at a local factory to pay off some of it, Wallace explains, he heard the owner of the business bemoaning the way most charitable contributions never produce visible results for the donor. The proverbial lightbulb went on, and Wallace printed up a brochure explaining his idea. Soon after, he was sponsored by three companies. At the conclusion of his charity assignment, he presented a report to his sponsors to show how his work had helped. Meanwhile, his debts were paid off and he had gained valuable work experience.


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