Are U Going After a Niche?

Off campus sellers see the campus as a niche, those who are on campus know there are a lotta ways to segment –sports fans, greek members, pre-law, pre-med, working students, dorm vs. off-campus dwellers, part-time students, commuters, etc.

Kim T. Gordon has a column at, “A Niche to Grow,” that gets into the idea of picking new niches for existing businesses, but the tips apply to new ventures as well. Here is a piece,

Most successful marketing tales begin and end with a well-plumbed niche. In other words, the marketer has found the most-qualified group of prospects and motivated them to action. You’ll rarely see a company that’s risen to the top using a shotgun approach–targeting a mass audience indiscriminately–yet this is where many entrepreneurs trip up.

Failure to isolate the most-qualified niche can waste marketing funds, time and energy. I get e-mails and phone calls from entrepreneurs who tell me “everybody” can use their product or service. The trouble is, even the most well-financed business can’t afford to reach everybody at once. And even if they somehow could, their message would have to be so generic that many different types of prospects wouldn’t feel motivated to take action.


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