A New Angle On College Sports Offers Opp for Entrepreneurs

A piece in today’s WSJ presents a great new opportunity for campus entrepreneurs. Writer Ann Zimmerman describes a new college sporting activity: The National Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship. This years event featured 83 two-person teams drawn from college fishing clubs across the country. Don’t think there is much $$ in fishing? Turns out that there are now two pro tours offering over $1 million in prize money each. The top 5 anglers made at least $250,000 last year.

Beware, however, while this sport doesn’t appear as dangerous as college football, Arizona State U’s fishing coach, Katrina DeHaven, says that competitive fishing has its own risks, “There are three occupational hazards: skin cancer, high cholesterol, and hemorrhoids.”

If you read the entire piece, you will see that the fishing population is shrinking and older and that those who sell to fisherman need young consumers. Check out all the sponsors on the Championship’s website — looks like there is money chasing this college, fishing demographic.


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