Scottish Student Entrepreneur Provides Super Jams

Fraser Doherty, an 18 year old Scottish dude, who was attending Strathclyde University, is growing a big business with his Super Jams, a healthy, new spin on jams (I don’t know the difference between jelly and jam). Here is the story from the Daily Record. He has scored a big distribution with the Tesco supermarket chain. His secret is that he flavors his jams (yes, based on his grandma’s recipe) with fruit juice instead of sugar and that he includes blackcurrants, blueberries and ginger. (Perhaps someone will come up with caffeinated Jams? — we seem to want to put ‘energy’ into everything). Doherty will be representin’ Britain at the Global Student Entrepreneur awards in the US. From the piece,

Tesco jam and preserves buyer Danielle Peirce said: “Fraser’s jams have injected new life into one of the world’s oldest foods, which have been around since at least Roman times.

“Some younger people associate traditional jams and preserves with something they’d find in their granny’s kitchen.

“But we think that by using so-called super fruits, Fraser has tapped into a potentially new audience.”


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