For the Love of Entrepreneurship and Competition

An article in the NY Times about PayPal founder and restless millionaire Max Levchin has gotten lots of coverage. Richard Florida has it over on his blog, multiple articles/posts at WSJ  (including the wealth blog and Wendy Bounds). From the longer piece, at the WSJ, related to story of the Nantucket Nectar founders (who met in college),

“I’m a crazy competitive person, so there’s no way I’m stopping,” Mr. First says. “I like being in the trenches.”

Call them serial-preneurs. While some entrepreneurs struggle their whole lives to bring one idea or product to market, there’s another breed: those who do it once, twice or three times more, disproving the notion of beginner’s luck. In some cases, the brands and people are household names, such as Steve Jobs with Apple, Pixar and NeXT. But the ranks also are populated with lesser-known entrepreneurs who fly under the radar, hitting one start-up home run after the other.

From Wendy Bounds,

It’s a huge oversight to chalk up entrepreneurs’ motivation to big bucks. There’s much more going on here. That’s why there are so many serial entrepreneurs starting new businesses again and again.

Don’t miss the part in the NYT story where PayPal’s founder confesses that, during a stint at a venture-capital firm, he “took this perverse pleasure in seeing if I could make someone cry” during VC meetings with entrepreneurs.

Wonder if this uber-competition spells trouble for the next generation?

Are you trying to prove something about yourself as an entrepreneur. Being on a campus is a great place for redefining oneself and I believe this is one of the reasons there are more and more entrepreneurs launching on campuses.



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