Older Partners? Good or bad?

While I don’t think I would go for an 80 year old partner, entrepreneurship is for people of all ages. Over at DailySlop, they’re talking about what age an entrepreneur should or should not be.

BTW, it is worth thinking about… as a campus entrepreneur, can you find an older partner/investor/advisor and what benefits might that bring (could be $$$, experience, etc.) There are a lot of baby boomers out there with 401ks, homes, and inheritance’s from the ‘greatest generation.’ Maybe campus entrepreneurs should be tapping that!


One thought on “Older Partners? Good or bad?

  1. Hmmm … interesting thought. Nice post.

    Get us while we’re still hot, don’t wait until we’ve forgotten whatever experience we have now. Most of us baby boomers are close to 60 or getting there fast.

    Seriously, I see this kind of connection working a lot.

    And for that matter, my 88-year-old father spends hours on the web every day, and is making more money trading stocks over the web than he made as an ophthalmologist. Every generalization has its exceptions.


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