Learnin’ Brandin’ from the Spears Women

Fast Company has taken the recent news, that 16 year old Jamie Lynn Spears (younger sis of Britney) is pregnant, as an opportunity to learn about branding. They framework it as personal branding, but lets be honest, every since Britney came out with Oops I Did it Again and wore that school girl outfit, Britney/Spears has become an entertainment brand. From the Fast Company piece,

The three Spears women are, doubtless, entrepreneurs of an unusual stripe; all entertainers are. But no matter the niche, startup owners have to be almost myopic about preserving the integrity and reliability of their brand. Lose the trust and regard of your customers, and any further efforts your business makes will be laughably disregarded. Here’s how the Louisianan Ladies have royally screwed up a multi-million dollar franchise.


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