Serial Entrepreneur; Howard Tullman

My first real entrepreneurial experience came while I was attending the Univ. of C Graduate School of Business. Instead of going for a consulting or banking internship, I realized immediately (the year was 1999) that the markets were giving away gobs of money to internet startups. I found an internship with (ran,, and

The founder of (which had been known as JamTV initially) was Howard Tullman. A serial entrepreneur in Chicago who continues to do cool things. I came across him today through some old connections while cruising (a great tool for all entrepreneurs).

Howard is really good at opportunity recognition — probably a must for all serial entrepreneurs. One of the ventures he is currently working on is Flashpoint Academy, a school in Chicago offering 2-year programs in Game Development, Visual Effects and Animation, & Film and Recording Arts. Last I heard Tullman was also teaching at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management. The guy is no joke.

Here is Howard’s blog.


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