My New Startup…

I am not ready provide details, but I plan on launching a new company this year in late Q1 or early Q2… It will be an online based business and is not directly related to my research or what I have found on campus over the past 3 years of part-time enrollment in the PhD program at GMU. That said, the campus and its ecosystem have played a role in my work since spotting this new opportunity — ie meeting with other students and profs for feedback.

I will be blogging about the new company on this site and sharing some of the challenges I am facing and may even ask for some help from time to time. Moreover, I will highlight what role the campus (and any campuses) play in the development of this new firm.

Finally, I admit, it is a probably a bit self-centered to study yourself (ie I study campus entrepreneurship and am a campus entrepreneur), but I am not the first (ie every psychologist I have ever met, people who study their own religious or ethnic group or country or state, etc.) and will not be the last. I just hope others can learn from my efforts.


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