Serial Entrepreneur: MC Hammer

This may expose a generation gap between me and some of you who are currently undergrads, but I found an article about 80s rap/dance icon MC Hammer and a new online venture he is involved with over at Looks like a kind of youtube for dance clips. It is called and while not the most creative thing, its probably a decent opp (think of how big dancing with the stars and so you think you can dance are). Btw, it appears flip video is one of the sponsors over there. I received a flip video camera for my birthday a few months back — not a bad little product.

While MC Hammer has gone bankrupt a couple time (I think) is always comes back and has a winning personality. Check out his wikipedia page.

What are the opps for YouTube clones on college campuses? Obviously lots of humor sites have pics and video of drunk fools — lets think a little bigger and more creatively here.


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