Great Guerilla Marketing Tactics

Saturday morning — baby and wife are napping, I am doing some work for the new venture. Looking around at low cost marketing techniques. My business is a consumer internet site — meaning gathering traffic is a huge task up from the get go and as a startup I will not have a big marketing budget.

Found this article by Al Lautenslager over at Entrepreneur on guerilla marketing. Has some great tips on low cost marketing techniques. According to Al, “That’s the beauty of guerrilla marketing. Guerrilla marketing uses time, energy, knowledge, information and a whole lot of imagination rather than writing big checks. Here’s a quick review of 10 guerrilla marketing tactics that can be employed with little or no money, and are sure to give you results. Consistency and focus are keys in guerrilla marketing, as is repetition, so repeat these ideas

Two of his ideas:

4. Award a “Customer of the Month” award and have many, many winners. Customers like attention, especially if they’re in a special group. Award a plaque or certificate; these won’t get thrown away and will remain at your customer’s place of business as a reminder of their relationship with you.

9. Create a funky holiday. Today is “Orange Hair Day,” or “Wear Army Fatigue Day,” or “Give Ice Cream to a Friend Day.” These are made up and from a brainstorm session. Your holiday that cross promotes your business, service or products is only limited by your imagination. Don’t forget to publicize it, announce it, market it over and over, and have fun with it. You’ll get noticed and people will grow to expect it if you do it on a frequent basis.


3 thoughts on “Great Guerilla Marketing Tactics

  1. Press releases are a great no-cost way to get publicity, assuming you’re comfortable in your writing ability. The effort could net you a few articles in newspapers and magazines, and who knows how much money in advertising (and new clients) that would be worth?

    Kelly Watson

  2. Press Reliese and media reports?

    They add to the news fame, but then it depends on the style, the language, and the relevancy to the information interests.

    I think guerilla marketing is eye catching.

    Any press reliase should inspires a thought, a laugh, or a desire to read on.



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