The Power of Cash Flow Management

Found a really amazing story about an entrepreneur of sorts in New Jersey via TiredbutHappy blog. The original story in the Philadelphia Inquirer is here. It really shows the power of conserving cash as a core principle. From the original story.

Paul Navone worked in mills in and around Vineland for 62 years, never earning more than $11 an hour. He buys his clothes in thrift shops. He doesn’t own a phone. And he doesn’t have a TV: The last thing he recalls watching was Neil Armstrong walking on the moon in 1969.

Yet through a combination of frugal living and smart, disciplined investing, the 78-year-old retiree from nearby Millville was able to give $1 million to Cumberland County College last month.

And on Wednesday, at a gala to honor major donors, Navone was recognized for a $1 million gift to St. Augustine College Preparatory School in Richland, Atlantic County.


One thought on “The Power of Cash Flow Management

  1. Cash Flow management is crucial, but dont get bogged down by fighting expenses and bills, redirect that energy in marketing your business. That will boost cash flow, and put you in a better position to start managing cash flow..

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