The Power of Positive Thinking: OWN

OWN — The Oprah Winfrey Network! The most powerful women in America (yes, no, maybe?) has inked a deal with Discovery Communications to jointly own the OWN. And you can bet that OWN is meant to tell the world that yes, Oprah OWNs this one. (According to the USA Today article, Oxygen doesn’t represent her voice and that was just a business deal).

Love her or hate her (I alternate between the two), you have to give Oprah credit for believing in herself and her vision (which continually expands) and for going after what she wants. If Oprah didn’t have that positive mental attitude (PMA), then there would be no OWN, or Microsoft or Fed Ex or Berkshire Hathaway.

Top three Oprah Failures (which underscore the size of her confidence)

1. A Million Little Pieces

2. South African Girls School sex abuse

3. Yo-yo dieting


One thought on “The Power of Positive Thinking: OWN

  1. Oprah has demonstrated unusually adept business sense in building her empire. She has helped a lot of people along the way.

    Anyone who puts themselves out there for that kind of success is bound to have a few failures and a lot of critics.

    When she first came on the air 20-some years ago. I thought she was just about helping women point the finger of blame at men.

    She has proven herself to be far more and one smart business woman.

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