– Duke University

Earlier this week I received an email from Dan E. at — a company that provides receipt organization, filing, and scanning. was launched by a Duke University student and from what I can tell it is a very good idea that may turn out to be a very good business.

According to the email from Dan, the company employs many Duke students and is located just a few blocks from the campus. Here is some more information from the Pratt School of Engineering’s Press Office (the college at Duke that founder Taylor Mingos graduated from in ’07. ) A snippet:

After recognizing that online shopping had plenty of room for improvement, Mingos really got serious about his Shoeboxed concept last winter, during his senior year of college. He spent hours nightly on the project, incorporating skills learned through his engineering courses to develop a proof-of-concept that it could work. “I treated it just like another set of coursework,” he said.

Prior to graduation, Mingos began a “talent search” at Duke for other students that could bring their expertise to the project, including other engineers as well as computer science majors and budding marketers from countries including Guatemala, Brazil, Jordan, Germany and France. The global nature of the team wasn’t by design, Mingos said, but rather “reflects the diversity at Duke.”

Getting folks to dedicate their summers to the cause—for no pay—was easy, Mingos added. “I really didn’t have to convince anybody,” he said. In fact, interest was so strong that he ended up having to turn people away. The opportunity to spend time in Berlin, a place renowned for its scientific and engineering achievements, was a big perk for the team and allowed Mingos to capitalize on his connections to the startup world in Berlin.

Still, he said, “I really didn’t know in the beginning that it would be a serious, full-time job. I didn’t realize that until this summer.”


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