NYU Entrepreneurship Center Gets $6.5 M


From the press release;

Stern Board of Overseer Ira Leon Rennert, Chairman and CEO of the private investment firm the Renco Group and longstanding supporter of entrepreneurship at the School, committed $3.5 million. His gift will enhance the seed funding currently awarded to traditional track winners in Stern’s nationally recognized Business Plan Competition, as well as create a new faculty chair in entrepreneurship to support a top research scholar in the field.

Separately, home computer market pioneer Beny Alagem, founder of Packard Bell Electronics and the owner of the world famous Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, and the Alagem Family gave a gift of $3 million to support the entrepreneurship programming and resources available to Stern’s students, alumni and faculty.


2 thoughts on “NYU Entrepreneurship Center Gets $6.5 M

  1. Tom Kruzen

    Surely, NYU knows of Ira Rennert’s method of gaining his money by buying polluting companies like the Doe Run Company poisoning the nation, Missouri, Peru and China with its lead mining, production and export to China? Should NYU be accepting a gift from a man whose companies make him the largest private polluter in North America and whose smelter in La Oroya, Peru has made that city the most poisoned one in the Western Hemisphere! If I were a member of the Stern Board, I’d give that blood money back to the donor. It would be the moral thing to do.

  2. David,

    Great blog and one that should be required reading for any college student wanting information on next step processes for their career.

    I am a part time freelance writer with articles placed at Reuters UK, FoxBusiness.com, and Nielsen. In addition I am launching a media-publishing company here in Silicon Valley.

    I just established a new blog http://baycollegeplanners.wordpress.com which will focus on providing information to students and parents about the application process, internships, great employers, and how to reposition family wealth in order to qualify for scholarship monies.

    As a former resident of Fairfax, VA I know George Mason well. Best of luck on your Ph.d! I will be reading you in the future.

    Thank you for the forum

    Dean Guadagni
    Domus Consulting Group
    Inner Architect Media-Publishing

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