A Decade of Inspired Incubation — UC-Denver

Interesting article about the Richard H. and Pamela S. Bard Center for Entrepreneurship, at University of Colorado-Denver, and some of its activities, alumni, and successes.

The center celebrated its 10th anniversary in December and appears to be pretty evolved. Its founder, Yash Gupta, was the Dean of the College of Business and Administration a decade ago and wanted to improve business education in a way that would strengthen the community, empower lives and help sustain Colorado’s economy.

Speaking of a successful Bard Center alumn, Gupta said, “There’s a multiplier effect when entrepreneurs do well. When he [Thomas] won the business plan competition, he improved his life and his children’s lives — they’ll be better educated and may even become entrepreneurs themselves, and his employees have jobs and the economy improves.”

Gupta goes on, “There are people who dream at night when they’re asleep, and there are those who dream during the day — they’re the most dangerous kind of dreamers: entrepreneurs.”

The Bard Center holds lofty ideals regarding the role of the entrepreneur in society yet offers a lot of practical tools (incubators, business plan competition, classes, bioentrepreneurship programs) that integrate with the surrounding economy. Here is their site. BTW, their business plan competition heats up pretty soon.


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