Can Plastic Can Save the Planet?


We recently profiled Eco-Libris and Green Cab AZ as interesting new firms that are part of the campus entrepreneurship trend and are targeting the growing green consumer segment.

Today’s WSJ has an interesting article by Carolyn Cui that covers the emerging trend of credit cards that donate provide ‘green themed’ rewards. Psychologically this green product (like many others) offers the user/buyer an offset for all their consumptions. It is a green get out of jail card (trust me, I drive a hybrid, I know the syndrome).

There is no doubt that the campus would be a great market for these products. We already know credit card firms love the campus as a market and offering green rewards card should be a slam dunk in terms of sign ups and spending.

Imagine if each month’s statement (assuming they only offer e-statements) gave the user an update on how much good they have done for the environment? This would be prominent and near the top. This  ‘monthly eco-impact statement’ that would clearly describe how many trees saved, gallons of drinking water provided, or carbon offsets the user’s purchases gave back to the planet. Users might even begin to look forward to getting their monthly statements.


One thought on “Can Plastic Can Save the Planet?

  1. I happento have a bit of insight on Green Taxi Cab and this was EXACTLY the next step onto their site. a section dedicated to the good in green their customers are doing by using an all hybrid-fleet, and what other “Ways To Be Green”. They hope that in doing so it will help promote awareness and ultimately everybody to give even just a little.
    Green Taxi Cab even prints their business cards on recycled paper. They don’t hand out flyers that advertise the 10% discount ASU students get- not even to increase their customers!!! No these guys would actually LOOSE business than jump on the band wagon with all those company’s that claim to be sooooooo green and do everything they can to waste any reason we have. MY kudos to Green Taxi Cab!!
    Keep an eye out for those updates to their site!!!

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