QCUE Wins Moot Corp @ U of Texas

Moot Corp was the first business plan competition. It was started by two University of Texas MBA students that wanted something comparable to the Moot Court that was/is offered to law school students. That was 1984. Today Moot Corp is the most prestigious of the ‘open’ business plan contests where people from a variety of schools compete.

This year’s winner, qcue llc, was just announced. A little bit about qcue llc From Moot Corp’s website,

Accurately pricing event tickets is difficult due to unknown and fluctuating consumer demand and the risks of overpricing. Scalpers have taken advantage of this arbitrage opportunity to create a multi-billion dollar secondary market While primary sellers fail to capture the mark-ups that result when tickets are underpriced, they face the consequences of poor attendance from overpriced tickets. qcue exploits the synergies between the primary and secondary markets by integrating elements of airline pricing and NASDAQ trading into current selling platforms, providing primary sellers the ability to dynamically price-to-market. The qcue team members include Barry Kahn, PhD Economics 2007; Jitendra Dalvi, MBA 2007, and Andrew Mills, PhD Computer Science 2008.


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