Food Incubators Offer Opp for Entrepreneurs


There is no doubt that the campus is a great place to experiment with new products and services. From music and fashion to tech and movies, the campus is open and demands new things. Food is one area where this is true (check out Cereality). Business Week’s Kerry Miller has an interesting article on kitchen incubators that give culinary entrepreneurs an opp to avoid the high fixed costs and regulations of food prep. From the article,

The culinary translation of the traditional business incubator, kitchen incubators offer shared workspace, equipment, and business advice for small catering companies, pushcart vendors, bakers, and specialty-food makers. Many of the latter are recent immigrants, struggling farmers, or low-income workers who can’t afford to invest a large amount of startup capital. At a kitchen incubator, entrepreneurs pay only for the kitchen time they need, typically at below-market-rate prices of about $10 to $40 per hour, plus storage fees.

The kitchen incubator is a still relatively new concept, but it has proved to be a seductive idea for dozens of municipalities, universities, and not-for-profit and for-profit companies. The Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO), a microenterprise development organization, estimates there were about 20 incubators in operation in 2001. Spokeswoman Sara Ignas says AEO estimates there are closer to 150 today and expects that number to continue to grow.


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