Stop School Shootings, Make Lots of Money

The tragedy at Northern Illinois University and others like it (Virginia Tech, etc.) have made it clear there is a problem on campuses: security. (I just heard on tv there have been 4 shootings this week — 3 were HS — that have left 10 dead students)

When there is a problem that society feels strongly about, there is also a great opportunity. Unfortunately, these high profile shootings are telling the public (the market for higher education) that campuses are unsafe and that policy makers (educators/legislators) currently responsible for campus security cannot solve this issue and entrepreneurs are going to have to step in.

Those of us on campus know that in the wake of Katrina and Virginia Tech, many wireless firms have begun to provide text/email emergency communication services to schools.

Schools that are big and open are going to have to find some solution and take actions to make campuses safer. Moreover, schools and the firms they work with are going to have to work really hard to get students, their parents, and the general public to believe their solutions actually make campuses safer.

Sadly, this scary and depressing trend of school shootings presents big opportunities for campus entrepreneurs (ie new security systems for entering buildings/classrooms or perhaps more online learning options).

Am I sick for thinking about this? Or am I just reflecting the fact that entrepreneurship is the best mechanism for solving society’s problems and needs?


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