5 Minute Marketing Plan

Came across this article in Entrepreneur Magazine while traveling and actually completed the exercise last night. (It took about 15 minutes, but I typed it up and formatted it). Jay Conrad Levinson and Jeannie Levinson suggest 7 questions to answer that will provide you with a great guerilla marketing plan. While I don’t know if that is really true, it will help you clarify your thinking. From the piece,

Going into business without a guerrilla marketing plan is a lot like going to battle under the command of a general who tells you, “Ready, fire, aim!” Your guerrilla marketing plan functions like a personal guidebook that has seven sentences covering the most pressing issues in marketing. We know that there are far more than seven issues facing a company about to market, but we also know the close correlation between focus and profits. By all means, scrutinize every aspect of your business, but concentrate on these seven areas. 
Prove your concentration by writing one brief sentence covering each area. That’s not overly demanding. In fact, all the sentences except the fourth one are short and simple. The fourth one is a list. 

1. The first sentence tells the purpose of your marketing. Be very specific. What physical action do you want your prospect to take? Pick up a phone and punch in your business’s number? Go to its website? Send an e-mail? Go to your store? Call a phone number and ask for Rose? What specific thing do you want prospects to do right after they’ve been exposed to your marketing message? You’ve got to be clear about that, or your prospects never will be. 



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