Facebook + LA: CrushTV.com

Found this story (h/t Vator.tv) about CrushTV.com  — an online campus video network with news, sports, lifestyle, classes, etc. from various California schools. (Of course, as a media company targeting undergrads, it has a ‘hotties’ section called ‘campus crush’). From the story at Vator.tv:

What’s the difference between Facebook and CrushTV, other than about 60 million users?

The former was created by Mark Zuckerberg while he was at Harvard, thinking about how the Internet could help students meet and hang out with others who shared their interest.

The result was what Zuckerberg calls a “social utility” that has made the business and media worlds stand up and take notice — attention that has ranged from an investment by Microsoft to a response from Google, in the form of OpenSocial.

CrushTV, on the other hand, was founded by guys in LA, so it’s no surprise that its content is focused more on activities that have a less-cerebral utility — and are well-suited to sunny climates. Things like people watching, partying and watching campus sports.


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