Finding Opportunities: Tips from Donald L.

I found Donald Latumahina’s blog, Life Optimizer, on under the lifehacks section. Donald’s posting, Simple Guide to Finding Opportunities is well worth the read. Many of you out there are probably already doing some of the things he recommends, but it is a nice succinct list and entry. Bottom line is that people who are more open and experiential will uncover more opportunities. From the post:

I recently thought about how to find opportunities, and I came across this thought: how many opportunities you find is proportional to how many overlooked things you discover. The more overlooked things you discover, the more opportunities you will have at hand.

The key word here is overlooked.

If you want to be above the majority then following the crowd is always a bad idea. If many people already do something, then it’s practically too late for you. It will be far too difficult to gain competitive advantage over them. The more promising way to success is to become the first – or among the first – to do something, and that means you should see something that other people don’t.


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