Mining ‘Me Too’ Univ. Admins for Green

After the internet collapsed in 2001, I returned to b-school at U of C and started reading about the CA gold rush; trying to make sense of the bust. One lesson I learned was that when rushes/booms are on, a sure fire way of making money was ‘mining the miners.’ My favorite from the gold rush days is Levi Strauss and his jeans for miners.

‘Mining the miners’ is still a great strategy and is a mainstay in the campus market. Today I received an email that reminded me of that. George Mason University (where I am completing a PhD part time) sent me, and I assume, the entire list, an email that says the following:

Mason’s President Alan Merten has joined together with several hundred other college and university presidents in signing a commitment to reduce university emissions of the greenhouse gases that cause climate change. With the goal of achieving climate neutrality, this pledge means that Mason will be taking steps to ultimately eliminate or offset CO2 emissions from all sources associated with university operations including electricity, heating, commuting, and air travel.

Please click on this link to take a 5-7 minute survey that will help focus this initiative.

To access the survey please click here. If the survey does not open automatically, please copy and paste the following link to your internet browser’s address bar:

“Several Hundred”!!! Clearly, College & University Presidents are joining the ‘green rush’ and about to spend billions on all kinds of ‘green’ products. Above is a simple survey that someone is getting paid on, but think of all the other opportunities; lightbulbs, recycling bins, packaging products, heating/electrical systems, educational modules, marketing campaigns, construction materials, local/organic food services, etc…..

So, not only is it the idealistic youth who can be mined in this green rush (see here and here), but also the big wigs controlling mountains of money around campus. So go out and get some of that green cheddar!


One thought on “Mining ‘Me Too’ Univ. Admins for Green

  1. I agree! Green is where it is at! However, it seems to be taking on a buzz factor that I hope does not kill or drown out some great ideas. Your opening got me thinking about the ride of my life! When the internet bubble burst locally here in DC, I was not shocked having been on the inside of many of these firms. It was surprising to me how many people were running companies with little or none of the basic business infrastructures like accounting and human resources. I was a contract recruiter and I helped staff a few of the boom businesses that seemed to grow faster than they could put up a fooz ball table. Of course, you had a few large companies that were growing too fast and just staffing out hundreds of people overlooking every hiring rule in the book. They went with the bust, and I’m sure you could guess their names. When it was all over, and I was laid off by my own firm, it just seemed like the writing was on the wall in some ways when you saw so many companies operating in this feverish manner. I’d be a genius, If I had realized that when I was cashing those huge commission checks but I read a lot when I was idle, and learned it wasn’t just in DC! I wonder sometimes if business really learned anything. Maybe the investors who lost learned something – – – stay away from the firms that promise they can have staff up and running in 30 days.

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