SPAM Business Plan Competition: McCook County (NE)


No, not electronic spam. The Hormel Family Foundation is sponsoring a business plan competition. I don’t think using SPAM in your business strategy is required, but it could score bonus points. Here is the competition’s website; here is the SPAM Festival (SPAM JAMS) website.

From the article in the McCook Daily Gazette (NE):

The Hormel Business Plan Competition is open to anyone interested in locating a small business in or near McCook. Start-ups and existing local business owners alike are encouraged to compete for the $25,000 cash prize, as well as consulting and advertising services valued at $10,000.

In exchange for the $25,000 investment, the Hormel Family Foundation will take a minority stake in the winning business. This unique approach to investing ensures a mutual commitment to the success of the business.

“As the Foundation’s portfolio of successful companies grows, the ultimate beneficiary is the community of McCook, and that is the whole point of what we’re trying to achieve here,” Ben Harris concluded.


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