Entrepreneur.com on Teen Entrepreneurs

Interesting piece at Entrepreneur.com on teen entrepreneurs and some of their companies. The snippet below holds true for campus entrepreneurs as well and is likely one of the reasons we are seeing more activity on campus. (it is an area I investigate in my research — I call it the ‘benefits of low expectations.’

Besides being tech-savvy, teens have other inherent advantages when starting a business. One, Cook says, is that there is less overall risk.

“You don’t have to worry about losing your home or paying any other huge bills as long as you’re living at home,” Cook says. “The worst thing that could happen if you try to start a business as a teen is that you fail.”


One thought on “Entrepreneur.com on Teen Entrepreneurs

  1. That’s incredible. I kid you not, I’ve had a few ideas for some online businesses I’ve been wanting to start up for a while, and after reading about those “kids” I went out and bought the domain names I need and I’m going to do it! Wild, hey?

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