11:42 AM (MERC) Sameeksha Desai is presenting on a Theory of Destructive Entrepreneurship. This is an investigation into the ‘entrepreneurial growth policies’ that are often put into place in 3rd world and conflict torn countries — trying to formalize their economies. So what role does entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship policies play in post-conflict societies.

Really a nice change of pace, and an interesting topic that not many in the entrepreneurship space pay much attention to — how can entrepreneurship be a bad thing for society?


One thought on “LIVE @ MERC #4, FAIRFAX, VA

  1. Hi. I also thought this topic was very interesting. I think someone selling rocket launchers would be “destructive entrepreneurship” because those rockets might be launched at infrastructures, say in a 3rd world country. So, the government steps in and makes a policy to try to curtail the rocket sellers, but that also hurts the legitimate economy. It’s really interesting what Sameeksha was proposing.

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