10:20 AM (Mason Entrepreneurship Research Conference)…. I am listening to a prof (don’t know if it is Mary Pat or Ellen) from CSU LA. She is presenting on new media firms in LA. What is new media? Do we even know? She claims this area is a hotbed of activity, but there is little research. (this is always a challenge for researchers as new industries, models, technologies grow)

She is presenting a paper on how new media affects product development in the entertainment industry. Just found it is Mary Pat as she just referred to Ellen as the expert in meta-contextual analysis. (I don’t know what it is).

She is explaining how social networking occurs within this context of new medea/entertainment; now she is looking at how ‘knowledge about technology and markets’ playes a role; now absorbtive capacity; now innovation and performace.

She and her colleagues are trying to determine how new media is used by production firms in the entertainment industry. The major problem I have is that in the entertainment space is being invaded by tons of firms that are not ‘entertainment’ firms.

There are a lot of questions in this session as the topic is huge and it is a moving topic that lacks definitions.


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