Solo Entrepreneurs Make Big $$

A lot of people become entrepreneurs because it is easier than ‘managing’/working with others. The most extreme examples are so called solo-entrepreneurs — those who work by themselves. My research finds that many campus entrepreneurs start out as solo-entrepreneurs. Information Week writer Alice LePlante has a great piece on solo entrepreneurs — profiling a few. From the article,

Call them lifestyle businesses. Peopleless enterprises. Solo entrepreneurs. Workers like Bradbury are becoming increasingly common as the Internet matures, software as a service (SaaS) is more reliable, outsourcing becomes more commonplace, and customers and user communities begin to shoulder more of the work of keeping operations going. Such companies get big results by thinking small — from an organizational perspective, that is. From a revenue perspective, they’re quite ambitious.

“We’re seeing them everywhere — they almost don’t feel like businesses, because there’s no there there — these are people working from anywhere and in any time zone, and who are grossing from $250,000 up to $5 million or $6 million,” said Paul Kedrosky, a senior fellow at the Kauffman Foundation, who has written extensively about peopleless businesses. “Generally, these are people for whom the interesting part is the delivery of the product or service, not the management of other people,” he said.


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