More Cool (and free) Marketing Stuff

Found this via Tim Berry; Small Business Trends blogger Anita Campbell has compiled a list of 100 Marketing Secrets. I appears she called for submissions and this is the output. Its available in a 33 page pdf. Yes, its free. From her site,

A big THANK YOU, dear readers, for the outstanding marketing tips you contributed to the Best Kept Marketing Secrets roundup.

As promised, we took 100 submissions and turned them into a downloadable PDF document.

It’s 33 pages of tips for marketing, including relationship marketing, marketing strategy, selling, messaging, online marketing and social media. 

It’s all been packaged up tidily into a document for you to save, give to clients, print, post on your website — use it however you wish.  It is free of charge, of course.

Looking forward to seeing whats in there, but I am excited by the use of Campbell’s site to aggregate knowledge, edit/clean it a bit, and then distribute it back out. (not to mention picking up sponsorship by HP)


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