‘Business Plan Competition Befitting Hulk Hogan’


Thats what the headline in the WaPost screamed. Of course I was going to read this article.Turns out the story is about the Mid-Atlantic Business Plan Competition, a business plan contest in my home region. From the WaPo story,

Joseph Zuccaro, 47, strutted around a Northern Virginia restaurant showing off his ultimate networking tool: a gold-plated championship wrestling belt.

It’s flashy. It’s bizarre. And it never fails to attract curious businessmen, itching to ask this middle-age marketing consultant how he’s involved with World Wrestling Entertainment.

Zuccaro heads the 2008 Mid-Atlantic Business Plan Competition, and the Startup Smack Down belt is the grand prize for the winning team. The contest isn’t until April 26. So to drum up sponsorships and judges, Zuccaro slings the belt over his shoulder twice a week and finds business partners at networking events around Washington.

Now that is some crazy marketing. The site for the contest really doesn’t mesh well with the belt, ‘smack down’ message of Zuccaro, but the belt got him the story.


3 thoughts on “‘Business Plan Competition Befitting Hulk Hogan’

  1. David,

    As I told the Post, I wanted an element of fun injected into the Competition. The Greater Baltimore Technology Council has an event for entrepreneurs called “Mosh Pit!” and I was looking to market the event with a similiar angle.

    Anyway, I encourage you to come to witness the final rounds at Georgetown and feel free to blog about them.


    Joe Zuccaro
    2008 Mid-Atlantic Business Plan Competition

  2. Good Evening,

    My name is Gerald Abrams, and I am a senior business major at the University of Maryland. I am sending you this email to invite you to the University of Maryland’s Collegiate Entrepreneurship organization’s 2nd annual entrepreneurship conference.

    What: E- Generation an Entrepreneurship Conference focusing on today’s hot topics such as green Business.

    When: April 19th, 2008 an all day event, from 9 am to 4 pm

    Where: Universities of Maryland conference site
    9630 Gudelsky Drive. Rockville, MD 20850

    Who: Hosted by University of Maryland and Robert H. Smith School of Business

    Website: http://www.smithceoconference.com

    This year’s conference will have a green focus and will feature world renowned futurist John Mahaffie, a consultant to our president on future trends and concepts. Also, Doug Humphrey, who founded three very successful company’s will speak. Doug’s second company actually launched mtv.com. Last year our student run conference had 250 attendees and was a great learning experience for all who attended, this year we expect to exceed expectations.

    Please go online and register as soon as possible and, I hope to see you there

    ps- Joe Zuccaro has endorsed the event and will be attending. Come out and see him! and the other 20 CEO’s who will speak. This Saturday!!

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