Forbes 100K Business Plan Competition

When bplan comps first appeared they were student led initiatives. At some point they became more corporate oriented, with law firms, vcs, angels, and bankers taking a role. Then came policy makers (Govs/Ec Dev Offices) and media companies. In that last category — Forbes is back with its 2nd annual 100K Boost Your Business Contest. Entries will be taken until May 31st.

The first round is tough in that it asks for 500 words. So, you better be a pretty good writer, or find one, if you are going to get outta that first round. Here are the submission instructions. Here is a video with Entrepreneur Editor Brett Nelson.


One thought on “Forbes 100K Business Plan Competition

  1. Now That We Made It, We Need Your Readers Help

    We heard about this competition in mid-May and put together a business plan of our latest project intentions for our young company. You can imagine we were pleased as punch to recently learn our family business was selected as 1 of 20 semifinalists!

    Part of our mission now is to get as many public votes for our pitch. We are hopeful that our periodic prize contests for campuses may help us to get votes from the university students. Yet, it is our timely answer to toy recalls, “green” trends, and non-profit donation plans that will hopefully get votes for us.

    If any U students of faculty wish to review our business pitch, just go to our web site and click on the Forbes page. It takes about 2 minutes to vote and validate it.

    Thank you for any U help you can give.
    Tony Kvale

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