Does U of Minn Lack Entrepreneurial Drive?

The other day we posted on the 50K bplan contest taking place up north in Minnesota. Today we found an interesting post from John Moravec at Education Futures in which he looks into the lack of entrepreneurial drive at the Univ. of Minnesota. He raises a lot of good questions about what role entrepreneurship plays at world class universities.

In a world where economic growth is driven by intellectual horsepower, the university, naturally, has enormous potential. History and the evolution of capitalism has brought us to the point where entrepreneurship is the best mechanism for unleashing the power of intellectual capital.

If university leaders (including admins & academics) don’t take this seriously and view entrepreneurship as a tool to distribute their discoveries and ideas rather than a crass commercial activity they will find their institutions weakening and being left behind. Just my 2 cents.


2 thoughts on “Does U of Minn Lack Entrepreneurial Drive?

  1. I’m a student at Boston College and have always been frustrated that their haven’t been more entrepreneurial resources and classes. I think the entrepreneurial mindset can be applied to any profession and that creativity and innovation are also incredibly important in this day and age. A lot of times I feel that universities thwart creativity, which is really frustrating.
    However, I am excited that entrepreneurship continues to expand within these institutions.

  2. Check out the Gary S. Holmes Center for Entrepreneurship.

    I’m a student who came to the UofM (specifically Carlson) with the sole intent to get a business education (electrical engineering background) and start a business. There are an amazing amount of tools and resources provided to the student. I am an example of someone who is reaping the benefit of the initiatives being taken at the University.

    The Star Trib article referred to internal ventures but I think the greatest resources we can tap at the U are our students. Give them the tools necessary and they will go out and create the businesses that employ thousands of Minnesotans and move our economy to the next level.

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