— U of Missouri

Mizzou Tiger Cary Silverman has experienced his fair share of ups and downs in launching The goal of the site is to provide an ‘easy way to share class notes, study guides, and other useful class information.’ Seems to make sense. (Here is a story from local Columbia, MO news station KOMU)

Some background on his first launch of

Enlisting the help of his fraternity brothers on the campus of the University of Missouri – Columbia, they blanketed the campus with advertisements for the website designed to allow college students to post their class notes, old papers and old homework online.

“I didn’t really think much of it until I received an urgent phone call from the police chief and adjutant that morning,” noted Cary. “Apparently when the dean of students had to tear hole in the flyers covering the door to his office just to be able to unlock it, that prompted a call to the police chief.”

That was just the beginning. Covering the famous columns on campus with flyers up to 20 feet off the ground, GradeGenie got its first hard lesson in doing business with college administrators. The IT department noticed too, as visitors to the site started pushing limits on the campus servers.

After being told to shutdown or face possible expulsion or legal problems, Cary decided that he needed to learn a few things about doing business within the boundaries of college administration’s rules.

Interesting that questions of launching firms, advertising, and using school IT infrastructure is still confusing to students, administrators, and staff. Universities must get a handle on this and make it clear to campus entrepreneurs what is available to them.

Will short-sided, university administrators continue to ignore the reality of today’s entrepreneurial students and block them out of ignorance and malice?


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