BPlan Competition Tidbits — QCUE, Alabama Launchpad, Mass Happenings

Just a few business plan competition updates that have come in to the mailbox the last few days…

People love reading about QCUE, which just buzzed through the Rice Competition/FSB Competition. BTW, it offered $675K in cash and prizes. From the story on QCUE at CNN Money; “Kahn’s startup, called qcue, hopes to slash that surplus by helping ticket sellers properly price their products. “While getting my Ph.D. in economics, I got really bothered by inefficient markets,” says Kahn. “And the ticket market is as inefficient as it gets.” I think people like QCUE b/c it promises to thwart ticket scalpers and their distortion of the ticket marketplace.

The Alabama Launchpad Business Plan Competition just finished its second year and awarded 100k in cash and prizes. If you are in Alabama, the state wants you to launch a biz, so pay attention and take advantage of their offerings.

Website XConomy.com has a brief overview, including winners, from 4 business plan competitions at 3 schools in Massachussets. Stories include coverage of the winners and brief descriptions of their firms.


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