Clocky — MIT

I saw entrepreneur Gauri Nanda on Donny Deutsch a long time ago (maybe up to a year ago). While pursuing graduate work at the MIT media lab, Nanda created an alarm clock that would actually get the user up and out of bed.

For some people, this is not a problem, they get up with their alarm or reveille or some other standard waking instrument. For others, like me, and Nanda, perpetual snoozes or sleeping right through an alarm is more the norm.

Nanda created Clocky — an alarm clock that propels itself around room when it ‘goes off’ at the set time. It forces the users to get out of bed in order to hit the snooze button. The assumption being that if one gets out of bed they might stay out.

Watch the video below and see if you hear a little R2D2 in Clocky. Buy it from Nanda Home (her company is now making chrome Clocky’s and some pretty cool laptop bags). YouTube video below.


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