— Harvard

I had a great conversation with Travis May, one of the founders of Travis is currently a junior at Harvard and has been involved with entrepreneurship since entering the school.

Travis and his parter, Vivek G. Ramaswamy, who graduated last June, discovered their shared interest in entrepreneurship while sitting on a bus in china during a spring break trip. (only at Harvard?)

Their site and businesses is dedicated to helping student entrepreneurs network and get feedback from one another as well as interacting with service providers such as investors and law firms.

Their site is worth checking out and joining if you are a student with a business or a service provider looking to get involved with some of the great activities taking place on campuses. From their site, is a selective resource that connects the most promising student entrepreneurs in the U.S. with resources to help them succeed. By using the site, promising student entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to (1) publicize their businesses and ideas to potential advisors, investors, and professional service-providers, (2) network with other promising student entrepreneurs, (3) participate in discussions on a wide range of promising startup ideas, and (4) access valuable educational content about entrepreneurship. The site is by-invitation and by-application only in order to ensure a high standard of membership.

Broadly, there are two groups of people who will benefit from using (1) entrepreneurial university students, and (2) experienced individuals who seek to access these students. Student members of the site may join “In the Game” if they currently are part of a startup, or they may join “On the Roster” if they are entrepreneurially-minded but are not currently part of a startup. Students may join the site at no cost. Customers of the site will be comprised of experienced professionals, investors, and advisors who seek to tap into the student entrepreneurship community; all customers must fulfill the criteria of accredited investor status. Both students and customers may only join the site if they are invited, or if they apply through the site and are accepted.

I will be posting more on and will share some of the profiles of some of their members companies. Travis is a smart guy with a great new business targeting a market (campus entrepreneurs) that is only going to continue to grow.

Years ago, after my internet experiences with and, I read a lot about the California Gold Rush. I remember seeing a quote somewhere that said the secret to getting rich during the Gold Rush was to “Mine the Miners.” looks to be doing that while making the ‘miners’ happy, just as ’49ers’ were happy with their Levi’s jeans and other Harvard students are happy with Facebook.


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