— HBS Entrepreneurs

Found out about this company on the Style page of the WSJ. is a website that will help people find great shopping when they are visiting other cities. According to the Ins and Outs column by Jennifer Sarnow and Ray Smith,

The site, launched earlier this year by avid shoppers Meredith Barnett and Cristina Miller, who roomed together at Harvard Business School, profiles boutiques in New York City, the Hamptons, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., as well as online stores. San Francisco will be added in August and Miami, Dallas, Houston and Atlanta in the fall.

Here is their website and here is a little bit about them.


2 thoughts on “ — HBS Entrepreneurs

  1. Many people make transition from employee to entrepreneur every year. Most of them fail because they are not ready to change. It is on a different league when you are working and starting your own business. I have noticed several important point you have to consider before becoming an entrepreneur.

  2. Paige

    The store adore founders have the perfect blend of style and substance. I look forward to watching their business grow.

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