Chicago Bplan Winner, Finalists Down Under

Some interesting business plan competition stories I came across.

Out of Chicago, a small, city led competition brings out some interesting businesses and very different from what we see at the high-profile competitions at major research universities. From the Chicago Sun-Times

The city Friday announced Alter EatGo (AlterEatGo .com), a health-conscious meal delivery service catering to African Americans, the winner in the 2008 City Treasurer’s Business Plan Competition. The business took first place and $5,000.

Chicagoan Eric Meredith said he started the business to make healthy food available and affordable to blacks and other racial minorities.

“There’s a huge problem with health,” he said, noting the demographic’s disproportionate rate of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.

Meredith, who cooks out of Kennedy-King College’s commercial kitchen, delivers to 25 to 30 customers each week…

The Illinois Science Council (, a nonprofit group that produces events that have scientists and engineers mingling with curious adults, won third place and $1,500.

Some interesting businesses were announced as finalists in the University of Queensland’s Business School’s Enterprize Competition. From the piece out of the UQ,

“UQ Business School awards the $100,000 prize with no strings attached. The funds are awarded solely for the purpose of commercialising the winning idea.”

Professor Brailsford said all the Enterprize finalists would also receive an entrepreneur’s pack from i.lab, the Queensland Government’s technology incubator and long-time sponsor of Enterprize.

“I congratulate the 2008 finalists: Bilexys, Ceramipore, DendriMed, LAADtech, Mack Pull, ProGel, and Zebras,” he said.

I just find the contrast between the size of the competitions, their backers/university hosts, the prizes, and the concepts interesting. Just look at the names of the UQ finalists.


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