WSJ Covers My Fantasy Sports Biz

Just a quick update on my new venture — The WSJ’s fantasy sports columnist Nando Di Fino wrote a great piece yesterday titled, “Family-Style Fantasy Sports,” that profiled our venture.

It is a positive article that will hopefully help us as we grow our business during over the next few months. From the article,

Even though he is just 11, Austin Metzger is part of a growing group of young fantasy players emerging as second-generation fantasy consumers. Many of their fathers have played in leagues for years, and father-son pairs are now discovering that fantasy sports can be as powerful a bonding experience as tossing a ball around the backyard.

One of those fathers, David Miller, runs, a family-oriented fantasy sports site that aims to address broader family concerns as well. The site has a blog for grown-up visitors, offering advice on everything from investing for college to family movie picks. A special section for the kids gives tips on strategy and trade advice. Mr. Miller has purposefully left message boards off his site because they may “detract from the family atmosphere.” also puts some juice into the action – the owner of the fantasy team that scores the most points in their league’s championship football game this season will win a $25,000 deposit in a 529 account for their child’s college education. The owner with the second-highest total wins $10,000. Although the idea of a prize for winning a fantasy contest is nothing new, it’s worth noting how well the site matches its prize to its mission statement.

“It’s really just about spending time with your kids,” says Mr. Miller.

Still, Mr. Miller’s site seems like more than kid stuff. The interface is fairly smooth, and the site has a surprisingly deep amount of fresh content in the non-fantasy areas (one recent blog post addressed vitamin D deficiencies in children). The game will be run by STATS, Inc., the same company that provides the statistics for the NFL.

“We wanted a world-class game,” Mr. Miller says.

There is a big difference between press and revenues, we know that. But we could not be more excited about the coverage in the WSJ and hope it will lead to more players joining our free fantasy football leagues.


One thought on “WSJ Covers My Fantasy Sports Biz

  1. Wow, David, I knew you were starting something related to fantasy sports but I hadn’t taken the time to focus on what that was. Speaking now as father of 5 as well as fellow blogger, what a great idea! The idea of shared activity and father-son bonding, fantasy sports as well as real, makes real sense to me. Congrats. Tim

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